Free master class in Colombo, Sri Lanka
February 20, from 18:00 till 21:00

Genius Inside You™
How to tap into the hidden power inside you to achieve big, hairy, and audacious goals
Haven’t you wondered why only 1% of all people achieve extraordinary results in life and business and the rest don’t?
Don’t you want to know:
What rich people know that the middle class never heard of;
What mindset do the world-class people exercise that the majority is unaware of;
How extraordinary people make decisions for their extraordinary success;
Why, regardless of all their efforts, do poor people become poorer while the rich get richer;
How highly successful achievers turn any adversity of turbulent times into prosperity, and how can you, too?
On his world tour Mykola Latansky—the #1 Success Coach for the Russian-speaking world—is visiting Sri Lanka and welcomes you to attend his FREE Genius Inside You™ master class!
In this three-hour master class, Mykola will share his time-proven strategies of reprogramming the subconscious mind. You will learn how to achieve extraordinary results on autopilot, quit the self-destroying habits and sabotage patterns, expand your horizons of possibilities, ignite the engine of self-belief, and set yourself up for daily actions that result in the highest yield.
The master class Genius Inside You™ is dedicated to:
  • investors;
  • business owners;
  • top and middle-level managers;
  • and other ambitious people who aspire to achieve big goals in life and business!
Here are the five powerful tools you will learn to use for your highest advantage:
Genius Vision® â€” the ultimate tool for catching the best business opportunities.
One Thing® â€” a unique tool for maximizing the leverage of daily efforts.
Genius Habits Installer® â€” an excellent system for installing genius habits.
Smart Priorities Selector® â€” a tool for finding out daily actions with the highest yield.
Millionaire Mindset Expander® â€” a set of tools to reprogram yourself for big money.
Bestselling author and international speaker.
His clientele reaches around the globe to 70+ countries on six continents.
Mykola has spoken live in 31 countries with audiences of upwards of 1000+ people.
He is a holder of three National Book of Records Awards as the trainer with the largest audiences and broadest geography of live events.
He is the President of the Academy of True Success™ with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Reno, Nevada, USA. Mykola is the first Russian-speaking motivational speaker and the #1 Success Trainer and Coach for the Russian-speaking world. Creator of The Genialism™ Teaching, The Genius Inside You™ project, The School of Inquiring™, and The MetaGame™.
He is also an angel investor in Silicon Valley, open-water swimmer, and global traveler to 78 countries.
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When: February 20, from 18:00 till 21:00.
Where: Colombo, Taj Samudra Hotel, Longdon conference room.
Price: FREE with online registration!
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When: February 20, from 18:00 till 21:00.
Where: Colombo, Taj Samudra Hotel, Longdon conference room.
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Price: FREE with online registration!
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